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Baanki Hojii Gamtaa Oromiyaa(W.A)
የኦሮሚያ ኅብረት ሥራ ባንክ (አ.ማ)
Cooperative Bank of Oromia(S.C)
Swift Code: CBORETAA
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Happy New Ethiopian year Cooperative bank of oromia wishes a Happy Ethiopian New Year. CBO is pleased to announce that... Read more
Card Banking We are proud to announce the arrival of our ATM and POS services. CBO's ATM and POS are... Read more
Provision of improved seeds, chemicals inputs, and irrigation Services & products delivered for agricultural activities Read more
Fuel station Services & products rendered for energy supply activities of the country Read more
Coffee production and processing for export Services & products delivered for agricultural exportable production & processing Read more

Mobile Banking

The Mobile Banking services that will come soon will enable you to access your bankaccounts,make fund...

International Banking

Trade Services/ International Banking/ Products Documentary Letter of Credit (LC) The letter of...

SMS Banking

SMS Banking service provides instant notification about your transactions as and when it happens. It...

Internet Banking

Internet banking, sometimes called online banking, is an outgrowth of PC banking. Internet banking...


POS is computerized Telecommunication Device which helps customer to make finacial transaction in a...

Loans and Advances

Overdraft Facility A form of credit facility by which a customer may be allowed to draw beyond the...
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October 24,2014
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